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How many people can talk about being an adoptive child, playing in the WNBA, producing a multi-platinum hip hop song, being a Division 1 SEC womens basketball coach, acting in a Disney Movie, and going back to graduate school after 25 years? Who can really do this and ALSO fighting and beating #Cancer?  I can. I have shared my life experiences and opportunities across the country at conferences, college graduations, basketball camps, fundraisers and corporate events. Please contact me to be a guest speaker at your next event.

Thyroid Cancer

Fighting the #monster

I have become an advocate for Thyroid #Cancer. Book me today for your next fundraising or #Cancer awareness event to hear my story about my win over this deadly #monster.

Athletes becoming better people
For the Love of the Game 


I have  played sports my whole life and have coached at every level. Invite me to share my experiences and wisdom about the game to your next camp or, sports banquet, or event.

The Adoption and Foster Care System


One cannot be a catalyst for change in something they do not understand.


I have shared my life story with thousands of people and continue to be a strong supporter of adoption and improving the current foster care system in America. My adoptive mother and I have co-presented on transracial adoption and the birthmother, adoptive mother dynamic.

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