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Those ANGELS Among Us

Thank you for your interest in our book. There are numerous ways to pre-order.


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PROCEEDS TO BENEFIT York City Dollars for Scholars and the North American Council on Adoptable Children, two organizations very special to Dr. Barbara Tremitiere.

About the Authors

(the late) Dr. Barbara Tremitiere

Barbara was a mother, wife, sister, and true friend. One of the pioneers in the adoption community, Barb placed nearly 3,000 children into adoptive homes during her 30 year career in the field. A mother of 15 children, 12 of whom are adopted, Barbara lived and breathed adoption. A world renowned speaker on the subject, Barb traveled the world speaking on adoption and the large family. Barb died April 17, 2017 at the age of 77.

Dr. Chantel Tremitiere

Chantel is the youngest girl in the Tremitiere family. Adopted at just two months old, Chantel had a fabulous basketball career in college and in the WNBA. She returned to Auburn University after her playing career to earn a Masters in Business Administration and a PhD in Educational Leadership. A Cancer survivor, Chantel is proof that children taken out of the system can thrive when placed in healthy, loving homes.

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