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Chasing your WHY!

Growing up in a family of 15 children can be tough.There aren’t many adopted children who grew up in a family of 15 and overcame racial, emotional, and social issues to become a WNBA athlete, Disney actress, multi-platinum recording producer, writer and award winning inspirational speaker.


A Cancer survivor, Dr. Chantel Tremitiere is a master storyteller who connects with her audience with energy, heartfelt stories, and hilarious antecdotes to encourage desire and hard work when chasing one’s why.

Tuskeegee University Women's Basketball

Dr. Tremitiere was invited to historical Tuskegee University to speak to the women's basketball team and staff. She shared her experiences in professional basketball and how overcoming off the field issues helped her on and off the playing surface. 

William Penn Senior High School Commencement

In June, 2016, Dr. Tremitiere returned to her alma mater as the commencement speaker at William Penn Senior High School. She immediately connected with the students when she removed her robe and revealed a York High football jersey from the school year. The students and audience was captivated as she provided them with valuable life lessons and motivation for success.

Center for Creative Leadership Program

Dr. Tremitiere was invited to present to the MBA cohort at Auburn University where she spoke about the importance of team building and leadership qualities in business. Her energetic and straightforward approach left the students anxious to begin their career paths in the business community. 

Hunstville YMCA

Dr. Tremitiere led a group of speakers who presented a new marketing an public relations strategy to the YMCA of Huntsville. 

National Black MBA Case Competition

Dr. Tremitiere lead a team of MBA students in a case competition for Jeep. Tremitiere was awarded best presenter.

Auburn Raptor Basketball Banquet

Dr. Tremitiere was asked to speak at the Auburn End of Year Banquet where she shared stories of inspiration and courage to young basketball players. 

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"When Chantel speaks - people listen! Dr. Tremitiere has a tremendous ability to engage an audience and deliver information. She will have your group enlightened and entertained with her practical and applicable content."                      

 -Jim Parrish, Director of Auburn MBA - iLead Program

"Dr. Chantel Tremitiere is so authentic, so real. She instantly captivates our players with her charming, catchy, and fiesty personality. My players won't ever forget the impact she made on them."


 -Quacy Timmons, Head Womens' Basketball Coach, Tuskegee University

"Up until the NBMBAA, I was of the belief that presenting was about structure and getting to the source of the problem, but Chantel taught me the importance of an emotional connection with the audience. That simple lesson has paid huge dividends in my career."                      

 -Peyton Alsobrook, Teammate

-Deloitte, Atlanta

"Chantel has the masterful ability to communicate in ways that enlightens the mind and touches the heart. Not only will she deliver clear cognitive substance, but she simultaneously stirs her audience emotionally so that they are deeply driven to apply what they receive by her message."


 - Joe Calizo, YMCA Board of Directors

"We could not have hoped for a more engaging speaker than Chantel. She spoke to the 4th through 11th grade boys and girls along with their parents and resonated with all of them. Not only was she energetic, but she also has a unique story to share. No matter the age of the audience member, each came away with a wonderful impression.  "


 - Lisa Ciampi-Sampson, President, Board of Directors

Prior Company Speaking Engagements Include: 

Prior Conference Presentations Include: 

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